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Angels Bulls

Ch. Ciebe Angels Bulls of Mervander (Imported)
Andiamo Finish & SA Ch. Andiamo of the Bulls Compagnie of Mervander (Imported)                 KUSA NATIONAL BULLDOG 2012
Blazing Brave Ch. Mervander Blazing Brave
Blazing Heat Ch. Mervander Blazing Heat  (Exported to Greece)
Buster Ch. Clarendon Challenger of Kingrock (Imported UK)
Colonel Bogey Int. Ch. Mervander Colonel Bogey (Exported to France)
Colonel Chinstrap Ch. Mervander Col Chinstrap
Colonel Pepper Mervander Colonel Pepper
Cotton Joe Mervander Cotton Joe
Confidence Man Int. Ch. Hatherleigh Confidence Man of Mervander (Exported to Alaska)
Countdown Timer Mervander Countdown Timer
Edward Orchardrose Edward of Mervander (Imported UK)
Europia Mervander Europia
Frontier Force Mervander Frontier Force
Giant Ch. Giant vd Veltkamphoewe of Mervander (Imported Netherlands)
Glint of Silver Ch. Mervander Glint of Silver (Exported to Spain)
Halcyon Daze Mervander Halcyon Daze
Hello Hello Mervander Hello Hello
Hidalgo Int. Ch. Mervander Hidalgo                                                                                           KUSA NATIONAL BULLDOG 2009
I'm The Duke Int. Ch. Mervander I'm The Duke                                                                                   KUSA NATIONAL BULLDOG Puppy 2011 &  KUSA NATIONAL BULLDOG 2011
Irish Legend Joelee Irish Legend of Mervander (Imported from Ireland)
Jon Jon Ch. Mervander Jon Jon (Exported to France)
Laughing Henry Ch. SezerMervander Laughing Henry (Exp. Brazil)
Man of War Ch. Mervander Man of War (Exported to UK)
Messala Ch. Mervander Messala
Midas Mark Ch. Mervander Midas Mark
Monastry Haven Ch. Mervander Monastry Haven
Montiverdi Mervander Montiverdi
National Lagoon Ch. Mervander National Lagoon
Our Buster Ch. Mervander Our Buster
Passato Ch. Mervander Passato
Prof Higgins Mervander Prof Higgins (Exported to Netherlands)
Putin Boy Mervander Putin Boy
Rain Dancer Ch. Mervander Rain Dancer
Red Robin Ch. Mervander Red Robin
Reigning Star Mervander Reigning Star
Rock A Fella Mervander Rock A Fella
Sebastion Ch. Newrock Sebastion of Kelloe (Imported UK)
Silver Spirit Ch. Mervander Silver Spirit
Sporran Ingerdorm Sporran of Mervander (Imported UK)
Stoneheart (Caesar) Ch. Mervander Stoneheart
Stone Master Mervander Stone Master
Take That Ch. Merriveen Take That of Mervander (Imported UK)
The Victor Mervander The Victor
Thunder Ch. Mervander Thundering Home (Exported Holland)                                                  KUSA National Dog 2000
Thunder Voice Mervander Thunder Voice  (Exported Russia)
Tugboat Mervander Tugboat
White Foam Mervander White Foam
Xerxus Mervander Xerxus

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